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What Rapid Fire Hockey is All About!!!

The Rapid Fire Hockey organization has been established to develop and enhance competitive hockey both on and off the rink. We are confident that our program(s) will offer an excellent formula to help develop our youth athletes. We understand kids need to be kids and enjoy other activities in life and Rapid Fire Hockey will always encourage its athletes to participate in other sports and to take time to be a kid. 

Why was the Rapid Fire Hockey organization formed?

First: To address the fact of uneven competition and eliminate lop-sided games to the highest degree possible. All the Rapid Fire teams will be strong from top to bottom.

Second: To address a philosophical difference of how best to operate a youth hockey organization. Rapid Fire Hockey members share the same vision in this respect, with an eye toward maximizing the overall development of our players consistent with USA Hockey’s principles and ADM model.

So what is Rapid Fire Hockey?

Rapid Fire Hockey is an elite, high level, fast paced AAA hockey club. We have a highly qualified coaching staff at all levels and through our on and off ice camps, we deliver a positive experience for our skaters that can help further their development. The commitment level of the players, parents and coaches is elevated as well and the experience is provided with zero politics.

But Rapid Fire hockey takes this approach to development one step further!

We want to promote skills development for all players not just AAA players. If you have a player that is not quite ready to take that step into the full-fledged AAA hockey experience but want to see your player develop over the summer, Rapid Fire hockey is here to help you prepare your player to take that next step. Your player will have the same coaches as the AAA members and receive the same training in the same format.

Check out the Hockey Academy page for specific information on our development program and watch the clinics and camps pages for events coming soon…

Where is this program going?

Beginning with its launch in 2012, the Rapid Fire Hockey organization is committed to providing the very best developmental environment for its players, teams and coaches. We will never waver from this commitment. And we will have the willingness to take intelligent risks. In other words, we will be willing to go against conventional “wisdom” when in our estimation the long-term rewards of doing so would benefit our players, teams and coaches.

Thanks for stopping by our website and keep checking back for updates and other opportunities.